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tv   Fox News Live  FOX News  February 11, 2024 9:00am-10:00am PST

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let's take a live look at the senate form. as is centers are mulling around to start the debate expected to vote to break the filibuster at $95 billion aid package to help
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ukraine. his root defeat the terrorists of hamas and taiwan stand up to china. it is not a vote to pass that bill but a crucial test about to try to push legislation forward. there is the senate chaplin given the benediction as a session begins that's likely to come overnight. we'll keep you updated on the floor debate in this vote as it progresses. just ahead of the votes confirming an out president biden spoke moments ago the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu is a first conversation i've had since the president made that controversial comments on the war against hamas on thursdays at israel's response to gaza was over-the-top. as netanyahu tries to finally put a stake into the terrorists of hamas once and for all. hello everyone welcome to "fox news live" i am eric shawn p. >> i am molly line arthel knebel has a weekend off.
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not long after bites or mark the white house scrambled to clarify saying the u.s. wants hamas defeated but also the israeli forces must ensure their operations are targeted in a way to protect civilians. netanyahu and p pushing back onx news sunday." cooks i do not know what he meant by that but i can tell you where we are. we were attacked in the worst attack on jewish people since the holocaust. that tobit seventh in massacre was equivalent to 29 9/11 and one day so what would america's response be? it would be at least as strong as israel's and many americans tell him that we would have flattened them it would have turned them into dust. molly: alive foxing coverage forced former congress and with his take first we go to lucas thomas and he is life at the white house. >> officials say that phone call between president biden israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu has just ended here is
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more from that interview between the prime minister and shannon bream on "fox news sunday." >> and victory is within reach. we should all strive for the common target to destroy hamas that gets all the other objectives within the purview. it also get something else. it gives us hope for the middle east. hope for peace. you cannot have that with hamas. >> also on "fox news sunday" at republican and democratic lawmakers debating the special counsel report into biden's handling of classified material when he was vice p vice presidet senator britt he is senator tom cotton. >> what this report indicates that though is that you have a blatant double standard. joe biden is not going to face criminal charges and donald trump should not be facing charges either. the reason he is in the and hedocuments case but the otr case the failed the democratic party knows the only to stop donald trump from being elected
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president this fall is to try to convict him and imprison him. >> here's the top democrat on the house armed services committee adam smith. >> president biden, once it was discovered actually self-report of the documents and turn them in. that is the biggest difference. president biden cooperated with the justice department the moment it was discovered. president trump fought them every step of the way and has said it is declassified if i say is declassified. these are my documents for. >> president biden returning here to the white house during the super bowl tonight ahead of his meeting tomorrow with king abdullah of jordan. >> covering a lot of ground for us lucas tomlinson live at the white house thank you. trey yingst will be joining us at the bottom of the hour from tel aviv, israel with the reaction from there. >> is more reaction from the presidents called israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu the prime minister's continued fight against the terrace of hamas
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from utah congressman jason. congressman, good to see you. your take on the biden netanyahu relationship what do you think? was always good when world leaders get together and talk i would encourage that and need more of it. i think president biden has sent a very mixed a message. he says he is one 100% behind the efforts of israel and wants to destroy hamas to make their comments he made the way to say they need to go lightly in essence and how they do it is a very mixed message. nobody wants to see innocent casualties happen. but to support israel and what they are doing i have never heard or seen of somebody who is so precise in their attacks as israel is trying to be. hamas is not been a cooperator they are still holding hostages. i think the president needs clarity. no matter where they are
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republican or democrat you want our president particularly in overseas conflicts to be as successful as possible. >> you see the horrendous humanitarian situation in gaza for example. the situation with palestinians being killed but at the same time the islamic radical terrace of hamas went to wipe out israel so what is the prime minister of israel to do? if he listens to the present of presidentof the united states is he try to put the prime minister on a leash? is the president trying to get him to hold back? and then what would be the result of that? >> that is not good. you need clarity you need to be definitive here. hamas is the one to blame for the death of these innocent people. there are pathways for them to exit and leave the war zones. israel has telegraphed in advance where they are going to go, where they're going to strike, what they are going to do but that use these people women, children and others as
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human shields and there are consequences to that. israel has a right to defend itself and to fight back and to make sure this world becomes a more peaceful place it. i just believe in peace through strength. netanyahu and what the israelis are doing has got to be done in order to make the world a safer place. eric: call up winston churchill and set your over the top, you are over- over the top and dealg with the nazis what is expected to do? they want to wipe out israel they want to kill the jewish people from that river to the sea we have their advocates protesting on the streets of our country what do you want the israelis to do to sit back and say okay we will lot hamas reconstitute itself? >> if we would use the power and persuasion of the united states of america to let them know we are all in with israel that until israel is able to accomplish the clearing out of hamas and the destruction of hamas than the world would be a safer place.
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but we are tiptoeing around trying to please all sides but doesn't make the situation any safer. >> white isn't present biden do that you think is trying to protect lake michigan for example you palestinians with others. >> yes i think it's all about politics for him which is not what you need in times of war. in times of war you got to be unequivocal believe got to be clear you have to define what victory is. but i think the political problem that president biden has is there are very few of us who believe he is up to the job i niece up to the job of being commander-in-chief that started with how he handled afghanistan. how he has handled the military try to goes awoke in green as possible as opposed to being the biggest, baddest, fighting force on the face of the planet and how he is handling the israeli situation. it started off good but as time goes on he is trying to placate everybody and that is not how
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you win wars. eric: do you think in this case the present has been too tentative? you have to member through the debate in the national security and counsel about osama bin biden then vice president biden advised president obama not to go through that rate do you think he is too tentative? and because of that are you concerned that hamas and the erratic terrorists who wants to come after us they would be emboldened by that type of action? >> yes i think by the way i think the obama administration and the biden administration have been very soft on iran. i understand hamas and hezbollah and other proxy groups don't exist without iran without their money, without their military support with other advisors. the messaging the president has gone through to iran he has tiptoed around let's try not to disturb iran. that has made the world a much less a safer place.
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eric: use a tiptoe i'm sorry to interrupt you say tiptoe, giving them billions of dollars, billions in oil revenue that was there, taking the houthis out the form terrace list now they are back on because of all of these attacks. samoset you don't do that with iran you face them, you force them to do what ronald reagan did any blew up like a one fourth or one third of the navy. >> again it's the lack of definitive action ping being resolute -- in my lifetime the safest times were ronald reagan and donald trump because they were crystal clear in what they would do and how they would do it. they would stand up there is no question about their word and what they would do. but with joe biden you just don't quite know. i am glad they are talking behind the scenes but it has always been sort of a mishmash that comes out of it that does not provide the clarity that is
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needed to get iran to back off. and that's again though going to be a less safe place probably the most dangerous thing in our lifetime as if iran gets a nuclear weapon. at i think we have taken our eye off the ball on that that is the big one. >> finally quickly, hamas if hamas is allowed to stay in any control and reconstitute itself what does that mean for israel and the west? ex i want to see a standing shoulder to shoulder with benjamin netanyahu and israel and saying we're going to take care of this problem so it never happens again the people in israel can live in peace. eric: amen. former utah congressman thank you. still a white house confirming president but it will visit east palestine, ohio this friday. more than a year after a norfolk southern train curing toxic chemicals derailed near the town
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the train wreck forced thousands from their homes. at that time biden said he would visit the area at quote some points. the white house said the president will discuss the holding norfolk southern accountable delivering on needs of affected families biden has faced a backlash from republican lawmakers for not making the trip much sooner. former president trump visited these the policy in a few weeks after the derailment. the claws are coming out in south carolina as the gop white house candidate's campaign this week in the head of a key primary just later this month. nikki haley, firing back a front runner donald trump after the former president questioned where her military husband has been lately? rivera's live in washington with more on this. >> good afternoon. former president trump and nikki haley trading jabs as he tries to knock her out of the presidential contest. the blows turning personal saturday. trump at a rally was talking about a meeting he had with haley and mar-a-lago turned his
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attention to haley's husband. >> she comes over to see me at mar-a-lago and sir i will never run against you. she brought her husband, where is her husband question mckee is a way he is away what happened to her husband? what happened to her husband? where is he? he is gone. >> michael haley it serves in the national guard he began a year-long deployment to africa in june. haley is blasting trance trump's comment she pushes ahead with a two week long a bus to her ahead of the gop presidential primary. she is also taking aim at his mental capacities and age. >> i have long talked about the fact we need to have mental competency test for anyone over the age of 75. donald trump claims he would pass that. maybe he would commen, maybe he wouldn't. but if you mock the service of a combat veteran you do not
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deserve a drivers license let alone been president of the united states. >> some lawmakers say the quote nastiness that has become prevalent and campaigns does nothing for the american electorate. >> trump gives as good as he gets we know that. it is part of the campaign cycles unfortunately people don't like it they are turned off by whatever it may be. >> haley is fundraising off trump's statements about her husband. meantime the trump team out with an ad featuring a chicken trump has called haley quote a birdbrain. >> with the latest of the campaign trail, thank you. >> they are just hours away for the big game the kansas city chiefs plane the san francisco 49ers for the nfl championship. this year as you know it is in las vegas. sin city hosting the big game for the very first time and guess what it does look like taylor swift will make kick off. matt fan is outside of the
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stadium at the very latest of all the goings-on. how are you? >> hey eric there is a lot going on here at super bowl lviii is scheduled to begin at 3:30 p.m. local time, 6:30 p.m. eastern. the san francisco 49ers and the kansas city chiefs face-off once again after the chiefs and beat the 49ers in the super bowl back in 2020. country legend reba mcintyre is scheduled to sing the national anthem r&b superstar usher will perform the halftime show. this game is expected to generate more than $600 million for vegas and bring in hundreds of thousands of fans. >> we are due were going to take it we got heartbroken last time we know it felt like to lose the big game, right? so now were going to comment real focus and get the kansas city chiefs back and make them feel the pain big. >> it is amazing i think this is aagreat destination for the nfl.
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>> off the field there's a lot of buzz about kansas city chiefs tight end travis kelce and his girlfriend taylor swift. aerial video appears to show swift landing back in los angeles after performing in tokyo with the odds are increasingly likely she will be here at allegiant stadium today to see her boyfriend play in a little thing called the super bowl. eric: football, taylor swift, jason, the commercials, camp cap weights. thank you. molly: migrant crisis taking on new urgency and national security threat thanks to the rising chinese migrants crossing our southern border but florida congressman mike walt's on that next. 1 gram sugar, 25 vitamins and minerals. and a new fiber blend with a prebiotic. (♪)
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eric: sometimes public officials on politicians to have to work on said it but senate minority leader mitch mcconnell now on the senate floor addressing some of the debate. on the $95 billion foreign aid bill to help ukraine fend off vladimir putin's russia invasion. ukraine we are told running out of ammunition. we can supply it to help israel also in the government prime minister benjamin netanyahu defeat the terrorists of hamas
9:21 am
as well as have a china -- taiwan face-off against china. finarefined about expected tomow night that potentially expected to pass. the president saying we cannot walk away from ukraine now. history is watching. meanwhile on our southern border the migrant surges continue officials say cartels recruit more people to smuggle it more migrants into our country. now there is a new video released by texas department of public safety that highlights the dangers the officers their face every day. you are looking live at eagle pass, texas right there on the border that is where senior correspondent casey stegall is with the very latest on the ground. >> eric, good afternoon where the most recent high-speed pursuits we are talking about here happe happened right wheree in maverick county on a farm to market road not terribly far north of us. dps troopers attempted to pull over a smuggler when the driver of the vehicle took off it. a chase began.
9:22 am
was taking place as you can see at night making it even more dangerous. the vehicle eventually came to a sudden stop and watch this, everybody jumps out of the car running in all directions. the port migrants inside were caught, turned over to border patrol. police say the driver had a gun, he was arrested and taken into custody, a u.s. citizen by the way while over in lawrenceville, new mexico this past week agent scott venezuela and it migrants attempting to smuggle in six people from mexico and guatemala. that is not far from el paso as well. they were dressed in camouflage. some think the cartel often do in an attempt to hide from authorities. >> you have to end it catch and release if you do not start that conversation you are not going have anything. but then you also have to raise the credible fear bar if you do not do that you're going to be releasing people once they prove they have a credible fear in that bar right now is so low it's got to be raised.
9:23 am
>> finally it further west over in arizona migrants wearing camouflage yet again were tracked and apprehended by agents in the tucson sector using course patrol assets. that was near the city of douglas illegal crossings as we have been telling you have recently picked up in that state and in neighboring california as texas continues to take its own measures to hold the line a in n attempt to slow or stop this migrant surge. eric: all right thank you. if i border patrol chiefs have been sounding the alarm on the number of chinese migrants entering the country illegally. many of them reportedly with links to the chinese communist party. customs and border protection reports that agents encountered more than 37000 chinese migrants at the board and fiscal year 23 sources tell fox so far this fiscal year that number is already at 20000. let's get right to with fort
9:24 am
republican congressman mike walt's member of the house armed services. and foreign affairs committee house intel committee as well as a former green beret. sir, thank you so much for giving us a little of your time on this sunday afternoon. i want to dig and with this because the chinese communist party is pretty in sinuous and insidious the ccp's s sneaky thy are going after intellectual property and really trying to undermine our democratic values. christopher wray the fbi director testifying i in the latent generates of the ccp's dangerous actions make it the defining threat of our generation. how many of the people affiliated with the ccp are coming across our southern border? or can we not even be sure? is it enough to be a very, very serious threat? >> it is incredibly serious. and we know from the numbers we know these numbers are over 50
9:25 am
times what they were just several years ago in terms of chinese migrants. i have asked the intelligence community is this being centrally directed by the chinese communist party?or a tht seeing the opportunity that the rest of the world sees as they flow across our southern border? we are waiting on that answer. but here is what we do know that we know the vast majority the chinese migrants are military aged men, not families we know just in the last year there has been over 100 infiltrations of our various military insensitie research facilities by chinese nationals. and here's the thing i want everyone to understand these it may be well meaning destitute individuals they may be directed by the chinese communist party regardless of who they are every chinese citizen is required, required to collect and do
9:26 am
anything the ccp tells them to do and if they don't under chinese law their families back home will be, it can be often is held liable. so they have no choice but to act as with the chinese communist party called them which are nontraditional collectors that can be on a research site, universities, bases, farmland, you name it this is on top of the 400,000 chinese students that we already allow per year. and look, just taking a step back we would have never ever allowed this from the soviet union either legally or illegally the chinese communist party is in a cold war with the united states and we have to stop this afloat across our southern border. >> you raise a great point there about the ccp the secret police stations, the spine on one another here in the country reporting back to authorities in china on people's families.
9:27 am
this really terrifying sneaky harassment going on even within the communities of people as you mention some of these folks are innocent people that have every right to be in this country and others are sneaking around and trying to recruit people in academia for. >> but the point you are right but the point i want to make crystal clear is regardless of their motives or intentions even if they are the most innocent stresses seeking a better life here and even if they do it legally, once they are here they have no choice the chinese communist party with its long arm will find them. if they do not comply will hold their family back home liable we see it time and time again. whether it's accessing a supercomputer at the university of florida, or harassing people who are running for office here in the nine states even chinese americans. you just cannot discount them. finally the facts it's tiktok is the mechanism that they are controlling all of us they are giving people maps, guidance,
9:28 am
exactly where the holes are in the wall. financial assistance and the entity making the most money from it all are the cartels. peter schweizer excellent investigative journalist is coming out the new book talking about hou have whole facilities down and cartel red areas of mexico full of chinese nationals that are facilitating all of this survey this essentially a managed and it's happening at an industrial scale fprogresses because of the collaboration going on. i want to quickly gets up homeland security secretary mayorkas facing another boat regarding impeachment this week tuesday it did not get by but represent a skull lease is expected to be that could potentially pass by a vote it's things are real tight in the house for republicans. what do you make of the votes coming up this week questionable to get through question if you think it's important? what will it change?
9:29 am
>> it is incredibly important and i can tell you every constituent i talked to and it's not just republican this has become a national issue it has become bipartisan just an american security issue are saying and do something, do everything that you can whether it is defunding certain portions of their budget whether it is impeaching mayorkas we just talked of the chinese aspect of the national security crisis. the other three and people on the terrorist watch list. compared to 11 early trump administration the fbi they're hunting all over the country but we cannot have a cabinet officer putting us in this position from a national security standpoint, lying to the american people and lying to congress about it he must be impeached i think we will get it done tuesday for. >> congressman before we let you go there has been almost a back-and-forth going on between president biden and prime
9:30 am
minister netanyahu in israel. what do you make of that back-and-forth? what does that say about our relationship where it stands right now is is a battle against hamas continues? >> i think there's a few things going on here. number one we are seeing progressive political left put a lot of pressure on democrats and on the presidents. they are turning netanyahu into the face of their cease-fire pro- hamas in terms of demonizing him. i will remind everyone israel right now has a war cabinet which is across its political spectrum and a fully inclusive of all aspects it's not just netanyahu. number two the administration is saying on the one hand we support israel. we have to destroy hamas but on the other hand they are saying israel has to immediately agree to a cease-fire by into a two state solution. you know who doesn't buy into two state solution? that is hamas that is openly
9:31 am
talking about destroying israel and if given a chance we will dt all over again if allowed to militarily survive. and as netanyahu pointed out what happens on october the seventh is the equivalent as if we had lost 50000 americans tortured, maimed, burned, kidnapped. wheat would not have tolerated it we would have hit back hard to be to support israel to do that. and finally the administration is saying the arab states cannot move forward that a two state solution. what i am hearing from them as they will not move forward until hamas is destroyed. i believe this is little the projection from the administration we have got to support israel to defend themselves and do what it takes. >> florida at republican congressman thank you for your insights on the sunday afternoon we appreciate it. we will be right back. here's to beating these two every thursday. help fuel today with boost high protein, complete nutrition you need...
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we are a new item from inside the cockpit of a private jet moments before it crashed on a busy florida highway on friday. the plane hit a vehicle near naples and burst into flames. x okay, tilts loss of both engines emergency. making emergency land and be. >> cleared to 23 kuester. >> were cleared to land were not going to make the runway we lost both engines. kirk's remarkable combat pilot is for the copilot died three others on board did survive. no one on the ground was hurt. >> is really prime minister benjamin netanyahu vows to defeat and dismantle hamas once and for all. some fox news center this morning discussing the looming evacuation in the state of the war in gaza. he predicts that victory is near. trey yingst live in tel aviv with more on the prime minister's remarks. >> good afternoon.
9:37 am
just this afternoon at israeli israeliprime minister benjamin netanyahu president biden wrapping up a phone call following biden's remarks on thursday were he indicated the israeli operation against hamas inside gaza was quote over the top. that was not taken well by top israeli officials that we have been speaking with they say the job is not yet done. they still have to search for the remaining hostages more than 100 people that are being held alive by hamas recover the bodies of these civilians and soldiers that were taken into gaza during the october 7 massacre. in defeat hamas leadership inside gaza. that today prime minister netanyahu indicating just 25% of hamas of the times are left inside the strip. many of them centered around gaza's third largest city of rafah. the compo could aspect of all of this is the civilian population the israelis have told to move into southern gaza they are currently sheltering in the city of rafah more than a million
9:38 am
civilians and they have nowhere to go. my minister netanyahu said on "fox news sunday" he has requested up plan be delivered to the war cabinet here in israel of where to evacuate those civilians too to but the concept of going into rafah's not going only a rift between the bite administration and the government of prime minister netanyahu but between the israelis and the egyptians who this week will be leading the possibility of having a cease-fire. there'll be talks taking place this week in cairo with israeli american egyptian and qatar negotiators try to hammer out the details of a possible cease-fire agreement. so far a right trey come in tel aviv thanks very much. >> a tennessee sheriff increasing for suspected cop killers. the search enters a third date the reward now up to $100,000 for 43 all 43 old deputy greg mn was killed in a shootout. this happened on friday after he and his partner made a traffic
9:39 am
stop. tina marie is live for all of this. >> the man they're looking for is considered armed and dangerous in or order to law enforcement in east tennessee site officials have been looking down stop 42-year-old kenneth who killed one of their own. the sher sheriff's department sd 150 personnel from multiple different agencies are searching for the suspect in dense wooded areas of east tennessee. we do have a photo of this was taken from officer body cam video the night he went on the rarubber sheriff's deputies say thursday night they stopped in for erratic driving braid they say he refused to get out of his suv and a deputie it deputies da stun gun to quote no effect. law enforcement says at one point he shot two deputies and fled the scene. one deputy of 43 old father to died from his injuries.
9:40 am
the second officer who survived have been shot in the leg is just 22 years old but since this tragedy local community has really shown an outpouring of support. >> this is so heartfelt. i've got your injury we call here we love the people of tennessee we love their law enforcement. following up in every single tip asking the public to check the outer security cameras officer said they have arrested his brother and his girlfriend on friday accusing them of being accessory after the fact saying they help the fugitive after the deadly shooting. the reward of money which is consistently gone up day after day is now at $100,000. molly: $100,000 that manhunt continues. thank you for georgia lawmakers say they have multiple
9:41 am
whistleblowers in their investigation into alleged misconduct by fulton county d.a. janet willis how will this impact the trump interference case and should willis be disqualified from it? reacted from a legal expert. all of this next. e finest mater, like indulgent memory foam, and ultra conforming inner springs, for a beautiful mattress, and indescribable comfort. save up to $800 on select adjustable mattress sets, at ♪ i'm gonna hold you forever... ♪ ♪ i'll be there... ♪ ♪ you don't... ♪ ♪ you don't have to worry... ♪
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at st. jude, the mission is just something that everyone can truly get behind. look at our little st. jude pin there on the fridge! we're just regular people donating. yeah. and i think it's cool to be able to make a difference in someone's lives in a way that is meaningful. >> there are whistleblowers inside the fulton county d.a.'s office that are raising complaints and allegations about the misuse of both federal funds and state funds. space bar those are bomb shell allegations against danny willis of the claim is that district blowers want to allegedly testify against their boss at the d.a. admitted having a relationship a special prosecutor nathan wade whom she hired to lead georgia's trump election interference case. critics have called that relationship and his hiring improper. what is that mean?
9:46 am
former federal prosecutor because causeadditional lot laws now. katy they are going to have a hearing on this what you think will come out? >> tissues are obviously mounting. when you are the first d.a. and the history of the country to be brazen enough to prosecute a president it would be advisable to have your ducks in a row. it does not seemed like danny willis was considering any of this would come out. all of these issues and could threaten the case altogether. there's different outcomes the judge could reach including disqualifying her potentially dismissing the case it could be a lesser remedy of some sort. >> she said there's nothing improper with the hiring and you see they had a relationship that started after she had the case apparently that the south the whistleblowers are going to say. what if they are allowed to testify what could that testimony resulted in? >> the reality is a relationship amongst the prosecutors may not be a problem.
9:47 am
the bigger problem is the financial benefits willis was allegedly receiving from this it looks more and more like the defendants are putting the pieces of the puzzle together to reach that conclusion. certainly if she has made false statements to the court and declaring th the relationships a certain point i now there's information potentially evidence that it began earlier that is going to be even more significant issue for her. so the question about the timing of the relationship and the benefits she has received from this relationship is going to be something the judge has to dig into. eric: her off office is called e allegations quote false and baseless. but look at jonathan turley the constitutional lawyer said had this on twitter on x. the latest allegation of true makes the continuation of what was untenable nothing more troubling than the relationship itself has been their response and pin putting their own inters before those of the case and the office. how does that figure into what
9:48 am
potentially could happen and if they do indeed have any hard evidence that some it may have committed perjury does not automatically disqualify ms. willis? >> it certainly should disqualified from the case jusjustice demands at the bigger question is what issues and what consequences she will face on her and on the ethical side and potentially the criminal side. certainly she has a lot to consider thes here these are crl cases these defendants deserve impartial processor date deserve due process it's looking like they have received anything but. eric: with that torpedoed the case completely? could they just appoint another prosecutor? >> that is the big question in terms of the disqualification of willis and even wade the other question is with the entire office be disqualified which i think is likely then the question becomes is there another prosecutor in the country that wants to take this case because they have to start from the very beginning and go to a new grand jury. certainly the defendants will fight this all the way and asked
9:49 am
for a complete dismissal. those are all on the table in my opinion at this point. eric: the offices call for caution of the subpoena against these whistleblower. the hearing on pepe15, next week. what you think could come out of this? >> what of the whistleblowers apparently it used to be an attorney for mr. wade. the switchman interesting legal analysis whether they can share information they supposedly have about when their relationship again because their attorney/client privilege issues with that from what i can tell. but certainly there's going to be more investigation into all of this. there's a lot of problems that are popping up for the criminal case and the defendants but for wills who weighed themselves on the ethical side of things and like i said even the criminal side. more to come certainly start looking good for her regards to what happens on thursday. thank you so much for joining us head on "fox "fox news live" kig charles and his health.
9:50 am
you will have an update when we come back.
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see five britons at king and charles out in public for the first time since his cancer diagnosis. he expressed heartfelt gratitude for the outpouring of well wishes saying the kind thoughts where his greatest comfort. stephanie and bennett is following the story live from london. >> yes the king attended church this morning it's about 110 miles north of london. he is looking wealthy had an umbrella to help him along theye but he's recovering in this homework he is receiving treatment last week first first treatment for cancer. now king charles iii went to sunday services with his wife queen camilla south st. mary and a cheerful way he walked out of the parish that has readily served as a place of worship for
9:55 am
the royal family. buckingham palace made the announcement monday saying the cancer was detected while undergoing treatment for and a large prostate. while the type of cancer is not yet been disclosed, the palace confirmed it is not prostate cancer. the king expressed thanks for the public support issuing a statement last night saying those are thoughts of the greatest comfort and encouragement. that it is equally heartening to hear how sharing my own diagnosis has promote my own understanding to shine a light on those organizations that support cancer patients and their families across the uk and wider world be the royal family is usually quite private in recent weeks has been very open about their health and hopes to raise awareness and encourage others to get checked. now the 75 year old monarch will undergo a schedule of regular treatments for the palace says he was so performance official duties but will be taking a step back from some of his public facing roles leaving his son, prince william, to step up his royal engagement along with the queen and princess to kate
9:56 am
recovering from abdominal surgery their air fears the royal family could be stretched thin. there is also been speculation speculationthe diagnosis will he rift between the king and his youngest son. on tuesday prince harry briefly visited his father before heading back home to california. now, overall official said the king remains positive and is looking forward to getting back to full public duty soon. molly: we certainly send him a well wishes for a swift healing. stephanie bennett thank you. eric: our best to his majesty. backyard help americans are celebrating two unofficial holidays this week. which one takes the top spot? there is a new poll shows people care more about today's super bowl then valentine's day but look at those numbers. 48% of voters say they are more excited about football. 37% say cupid over field goals and 14% they don't care about either one. >> i wonder about the gender gap there at. [laughter]
9:57 am
i wonder if both will merge later today on the 50-yard line? will travis get down on bended knee? knee? >> it is a a cliffhanger. we wilide l see. 27 vitamins and minerals, nutrients for immune health. and ensure complete with 30 grams of protein. (♪)
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